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Custom T-Shirts, Embroidery & Vehicle Decals.
Customers are Family.
Customers are Appreciated.
Customers are Satisfied.
Customers are The Pulse to our business.
Whether you order one or bulk for your next event. We serve you.
Shop our online store. Email or  Call 
us for a quote on your next design apparel or bulk order.
Call or email Us for your embroidery needs.


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May 27,2022: Demetrous Holt.

Owner of 91stogies. 91 Stogies appreciates Joel E Clark for the

fantastic shirts, apparel coming soon.

April 18, 2022 Katrina Harrison

Joel E Clark crank up the press... I've had about 8 people inbox about this one.

It's the M.Y.B Ministries t-shirt.

Grab yours in your preferred color

Nov.18, 2021 Stephanie Prunty

Would definitely purchase again.  Excellent customer service!

 I Live In Expectation LLC

Welcome to I Live In Expectation LLC! Where We Empower You To Feel Confident.


We are a home based t shirt brand that inspires our customers to make a statement by wearing the best by providing good quality customized t shirts for groups and individuals and letting people feel good about themselves and feel empowered at the same time through the sayings or quotes displayed on the t shirts. We love to motivate individuals through christian apparel, podcasts, and blogs as we continue to do so.


We are an attire line that teaches, illuminates, and engages our shoppers through our garments. The I Live In Expectation comprehends that mindfulness is the bedrock of any remaining kinds of self awareness. We expect to feature the significance of empowerment and confidence; and how those two characteristics can prompt us to show our fantasies and make the lives we need! 


I Live In Expectation is the place where casual wear and self awareness meet. Is it accurate to say that you are self aware?


GROWTH: Giving Realistic Options While Thinking Holistic


Fashion comes from the inside first and then reveals above. Our brand helps you understand what suits you best according to your inner fashion and self confidence.

Our wide variety of amazing colors and prints will help you decide better or you can let us know your preference in terms of the t shirt you would want to flaunt in.


With numerous satisfied clients till date, we continue our journey of self confidence and empowerment through our customized t shirts.

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@I Live In Expectation Copyright 2020

Living In ExpectationYardmarley, Brandon Perkins, Joel E Clark
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